5 Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

When you're a homeowner, "winter is coming" takes on a whole new meaning. Take advantage of temperate fall days to prepare your home for the chill that lies ahead. 

Here is a short list of to-dos to get you started. 

Remember... there's not shame in hiring professionals to pick up where your ability or availability may leave off!


Fall Maintenance Infographi

1. Inspect your roof for damaged, loose, blistering or missing shingles.

2. Look for blockage, built-up residue, bird nests and wayward squirrels in your chimney.

3. Look for leaking, misaligned or damaged gutters, downspouts, hangers, gutter guards and strainers. Clean out leave and debris. 

4. Repair or replace decaying caulking and withered weather stripping around doors and windows. 

5. Prevent your pipes from freezing! Drain exterior water lines. Disconnect hoses. Turn off the water supply to hose bibbs and open the bibbs. 


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