Home Financing That Makes A Difference

At Greenway Mortgage, we pride ourselves on our dedication to the environment and to the communities where we live and lend. Emerald Home Loans, a consumer direct division of Greenway Mortgage, also shares this philosophy. Our employees are passionate about serving our customers as well as our community and the environment.

Emerald Home Loans (EHL) is a technology-based mortgage lender that provides clients with an individualized and engaging borrowing experience. Simply put, we value a customer-based experience. We at EHL understand purchasing a home is an investment in our client’s future and we understand the challenges involved in this process.

Our goal is to educate and work with our clients to find a mortgage that works best for their financial situation through one of our many programs. We do this through a three-step process beginning in the comfort of your own home.

This process begins online with clients submitting their information for pre-approval and selecting one of our chosen charities. Next, we work with clients on the approval process and selecting an appropriate mortgage. The final step, and one we value most as a company is being able to give back to a worthy local or regional non-profit organization on behalf of our clients.

As we roll into the 2018 buying season the Greenway team and EHL are looking to create specific brand partnerships with a small handful of local and regional non-profit causes. Our hope is to work with charitable causes in our area that have a direct impact our community and the environment we strive to protect.

We want to work with causes our clients would, themselves, choose to donate to. We want to be able to provide our customers with a complete mortgage experience and leave them with the knowledge that choosing an Emerald Home Loan directly and positively impacted the community they have chosen to lay down roots in.

EHL would like to work with causes focused on rebuilding and providing for our community, protecting our furry friends and enriching our environment. We want to invest in environmental causes and non-profits directly impacting the communities where we live and lend in the same way our clients have invested with us.

Greenway Mortgage and EHL pledge an annual donation of 5% of our profits to the charitable organizations we build brand partnerships with. Over the past two years, our company has donated nearly $70,000 on behalf of our clients and we want to do more. By working with chosen brand partners, we believe we will be able to achieve our goal.