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President of Emerald Home Loans

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You may be wondering what is EHL? Maybe you've even seen our latest TV commercial.

EHL stands for Emerald Home Loans. We are a direct lender and a leading expert in Renovation Lending.  EHL also offers a variety of other loan options to suit the needs of each and every client whether they are looking to

Some loan options include: VA, USDA, FHA, Conventional, Down Payment Assistance, Reverse, Refinance, Jumbo, and more. 

We strive to focus on three things: 

Lending: EHL is committed to providing an innovative digital mortgage loan solution that is consistent with the expectations of tech-savvy homebuyers while maintaining a consumer-focused and engaged borrowing experience.

Learning: EHL understands the challenges of buying a home and securing a mortgage. That’s why they’ve built a comprehensive learning center to help in understanding the mortgage process while making it free and available to everyone.

Giving:  EHL gives back and promotes charities of their borrower’s choice with every loan transaction, encouraging them to share their good-will with the world! 

Who is the Leader Behind the Vision of Emerald Home Loans?

The president of Emerald Home Loans (EHL) and its parent company Greenway Mortgage is James Payor. 

Learn How It All Started from the President Himself:

"Many years ago, when I was a sales representative for a nationwide lender, I witnessed the inefficient but necessary layers that went in to the lending process. Branch reps, regional managers, customer service centers, etc.

The marketing was efficient and convincing thereby producing a lot of volume, but the customer experience was not ideal. I quickly realized that it was the same for almost every large lender out there.

Over the years, this lack of individualized service spawned the growth of small local mortgage brokers. Small brokers could lend intimately but lacked control of the process (only arranging the loan) and subjected the borrowers to higher fees with the combined broker costs and the fees inherited from the end lender. In addition, there was a culture of “buyer beware” as the broker compensation almost encouraged a bait and switch business model. 

In the 1990’s, I set out to offer something better and built a mortgage company (along with four partners) that offered the best features of both a large lender and a small local one. Our growth was a testament to many things we were doing right even though it was far from my what I had envisioned.  After a number of years of growth and success, in 2010 I moved on to start Greenway Mortgage; this time with a greater control of my vision."

Stay tuned for next week's blog when James Payor explains why the "BIG BOYS" don't have anything on Emerald Home Loans!

Interested in speaking with an Emerald Home Loan Consultant to see how we can help you with your home financing needs? Reach out today! 833-EHL-1234 or click here to contact us. 


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