Giving Back and Way More!


In this week's blog, James Payor talks about how Emerald Home Loans gives back to our local communities. 

James states,  "Corporations giving something back has become something of a trend over the past several years. Whether it’s driven by marketing or a sheer responsibility for doing good, it’s a great trend nonetheless. These days, corporations have begun to take a more active and substantial role in protecting where we live, helping others in need, solving critical problems in our world and supporting those without a voice (such as animals)."

How does Emerald Home Loans take giving back to the next level?

James says, "Where Emerald Home Loans and its parent company Greenway Mortgage Funding Corp differ is that we are taking it to the next level. With Greenway, we’ve actively immersed ourselves in the communities where we lend, raising monies for smaller groups and actively participating hands on in their efforts. We do this on off hours as well as allotting paid time for employees to volunteer for the numerous organizations we have raised monies for.

With Emerald Home Loans, we’ve taken it one step further. With every closed loan transaction, we allow the borrower to select a charity that they have a passion or connection with and then we donate money on their behalf. From clean oceans, to cancer research to animal rescues and everything in between. We are there!" 

What is the Emerald Home Loans' Giving Center all about?

"In addition, giving is one of our main pillars to what we do; not just a side marketing tool. The giving center is quickly becoming a hub for promoting and sharing in all the good causes we have participated in. Link backs and social media feeds help integrate our giving partners. We look to promote and support them in their causes beyond our giving dollars. We are really excited about what we are building and we hope you will be too" says James Payor. 

Keep an eye out for our next blog. James talks about EHL's goals, how they are different than most companies, and more!

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