Our Goals - A final note from James Payor


Over the past few week's, Emerald Home Loans has published a series of blogs that has helped our readers learn more about who we are and we we do. We hope you've enjoyed them and have learned more about us.  In case you've missed some of the blogs, check them out here:

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This week James Payor, president of Emerald Home Loans has a final note for all of us that he would like to share. 

"I want you all to know that our goals are slightly different than most companies. We will never be the biggest or the most profitable lender. We will never raisecomment bubble - ehl the most money ourselves for non-profits. 

Our goal is to make small individual sacrifices and commit ourselves with passion, so that our company can be: 

  • Financially strong continually reinvesting in itself
  • Provide amazing levels of customer service with great rates from experienced seasoned representatives.
  • Provide the best digital mortgage experience out there
  • Delighting our clients in every way

From there, create a giving pillar, that through networking will have a large ripple effect on the non-profit community. Making a real difference! Oh, and if other business organizations copy this model, more power to them. I’d rather be a smaller part of a bigger stone. It’s all about the size of the ripple. As I mature in years, I am more focused on our company being the best at what we do than being the most successful. If we do this, success follows naturally in all areas. Our team is committed to this concept and it shows. I hope you’ll contact us to learn more."

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